Bulb Project 2008 Update


The front yard bulbs are starting to appear and open up. Initially I wasn’t going to plant any tulips in the front because of the poor drainage. Surprisingly they are the first ones to bloom.



The backyard flowers aren’t quite there yet that is except for this one lone daffodil. The rest of the backyard bulbs are just hanging out and hopefully are not being eaten by the evil squirrel.


Jack by the way is still insisting on laying outside in the sun. He’s pretending he doesn’t see me standing over him.







5 responses to “Bulb Project 2008 Update”

  1. Sandy (Momisodes) Avatar

    Goodness! Things are really starting to bloom over there! I love them all. So nice to stop by and see all of these today….it’s been cold and rainy all week 🙁 Thanks for sharing some of your Spring 😉

  2. Chara Michele Avatar

    Lovely flowers!
    In that photo, Jack looks so much like the dog I use to have (she passed away years ago)… He is so cute! I just want to plunk down on the grass next to him & soak up some sun 🙂

  3. jameil1922 Avatar

    ok i found you via sandy and am AMAZED @ your photos!! GORGEOUS!! if you’d ever like to be a free gardner, please do not hesitate to contact me. lol.

  4. Sue Avatar

    Lovely, lovely photos. I’m surprised you have squirrel problems with Jack around. Or do even they realise he’s just a big softy at heart?

  5. george rotramel Avatar


    Still looking at snow here in Chicago and praying for something more than early snowdrops to poke through.

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    Best Regards,

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