Basil Update

Thai Basil
I think if I could only grow one plant that it would be basil. The smell alone is amazing.

Large Leaf BasilPurple Siam Basil






4 responses to “Basil Update”

  1. Joy Avatar

    Hello … nice big pictures to see ! .. I have grown basil but by small plant and the aroma is amazing. Can you tell me if you have heard of one called St. Michael ? .. I had one and it was the most unusual strong scent of any other basil I have had .. I let it go to flower so it was at its peak .. and WOW ! AWESOME plant !

  2. Jenny Avatar

    Ooh, now I’m craving pesto. I’m growing a few different types of basil too but I’m not even starting them for another two weeks.

  3. Angie Avatar

    I love basil! I’m going to try growing the Thai basil too this year.

  4. Graziana Avatar

    Hi, I’m growing few basil types too (includes Thai Basil), they’re very small now, yours are wonderful!

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