Bulb Project 2008

Recently, we have had fantastic, spring like weather. It was so nice that I voluntarily went jogging last week. The bulbs are adding to the spring like atmosphere as well. The pink hyacinth are blooming and smell amazing.


This year I went a little crazy when it came to planting bulbs. Originally I bought a bag of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths from the Grocery Outlet. I thought these bulbs combined with the surviving bulbs from last year should provide a nice collection of flowers. I was content with planting my stash into pots and in the ground. But then I went into the Redbarn Barn Nursery and found buckets and buckets of beautiful bulbs. Each individual bulb were sold for 10- 25 cents each. I stocked up on Freesia, Iris’s, crocus, and a few others. The first of the nursery bulbs, a yellow crocus, popped open this weekend.

First Crocus

What’s even stranger than the spring weather is the behavior of my Paperwhites. I had forced white paperwhites with great success in December. I just put them in the back yard once they had died off. At least I thought they had died off. This weekend I spotted a new set of flowers on two of the Paperwhite bulbs.


I had also tried to force yellow narcissus (yellow version of paperwhites) without any luck. Instead of chucking them into the garbage I planted them in front yard. Now I have these little yellow daffodils amongst the rocks.


The spring like weather was nice while it lasted. But it looks like it will start raining again today and keep going throughout the week.






6 responses to “Bulb Project 2008”

  1. Angie Avatar

    I’m so jealous, both of the weather and the pretty flowers 🙂

  2. Katie Avatar

    I’d be happy to take extra bulbs off your hands…. :0) Bulbs are such nice springtime surprises.

  3. Sandy (Momisodes) Avatar

    WOW!!!! It’s really just like Spring over there already! So jealous. We still have snow on the ground.
    Those daffodils are beautiful, and so are the other images of flowers sprouting around your place 🙂

    Daffodils always remind me of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, as he drank tea from the daffodil cups and then ate it!

  4. Kelly Avatar

    Hi! Do you live in the Davis area? I just noticed your link to Redwood Barn. I have a plot at the UCD Community Garden and would love to compare notes- especially about how to keep the ground squirrels under control!

  5. Chara Michele Avatar

    All these flowers look so lovely!

  6. nkristis Avatar

    Thank you guys! It’s really exciting to see some many plants start to emerge. Spring is just around the corner.

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