Yummy Left Overs

There are very few foods that I look forward to eating as left overs. Sure I’ll reheat my left over Chinese food and pizza but they just do not taste the same the next day. They just lack flavors and texture. You package them into neat little tupperware containers and then they a soggy tasteless mess the next day. However, I have found the perfect left over meal, Lasagna. Homemade lasagna tastes even better the next day. Until the other day I had only eaten frozen lasagna assuming it was too difficult to make at home. However, I was proven wrong and on a cold extremely windy day this was a perfect hot meal. It’s even better the next day because it allows the flavors to absorb into the pasta and the pasta to settle. I managed to have it for lunch and a second dinner. hmmm.

Homemade Lasagna






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