Indoor Garden Adventures

I’ve been experimenting with my first indoor garden for the past couple of months. The set up is simple we are using flourescent lights, a work bench, and containers for the plants. The goal was to grow leafy vegetables and some herbs to get us by until spring. I started in late November and I have had a good amount of success. I had just begun to transplant a few outdoor but the weather is not cooperating.

Success Stories

Thai Basil

Thai Basil- it’s gorgeous I swear this guy grew over night like Jack’s bean stalk. Basil really should be grown in the warmer spring months but I couldn’t resist trying. It’s so expensive and we use so much of it in our gardening. I am also attempting to grow Genovese basil and Purple basil with mixed results.

Merveille de Four Seasons Lettuce- I highly recommend this one. It’s easy to grow and tastey. I have this beautiful big head of lettuce after only a month. They These guys have graduated to the backyard garden.


Parsley- Wow, these guys took forever to sprout up but they are taking over their pots. This is also a warmer weather plant so it’s remaining in the indoor garden.


Mixed Results:


Bloomsdale Spinach- All my gardening books say this vegetable grows best in the winter. But I had more luck in the summer and I live in zone 9. They started out great and had a lot of potential. I had six lovely bunches of spinach but then they bolted (flowered which makes it inedible). I’ve also attempted this one outside ala wintersown but without any luck.

Catalina Spinach (baby spinach)- so far I have four plants growing indoors. But one has bolted which is a shame because this is delicious. If get the chance try to grow this one.

Baby Spinach

Bad Ideas:

Edamame- This is a summer plant but I couldn’t resist trying to grow atleast one. But alas the weather is too cold and the soil is too moist which resulted in squishy wormy beans.

Cilantro- I could write a whole post on how much cilantro hates me. I’ve tried three different brands of seeds only to have a few sprouts that later wither away. Since I’ve got the seeds I’m going to try again in the spring.

I’ll posting more on the indoor garden. I have a few more that look like they are about ready to be transfered to bigger pots. But I’m hesitant to call them a success story until they get a little bigger.







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