Winter? What Winter?

Despite one or two rainy weekends we haven’t had much rain this winter. I am beginning to think that global warming means that certain areas are experiencing extreme winter the rest of us are just looking wistfully at the sky waiting for any kind of snow or rain cloud. So while I’ve been enjoying the winter scenes at Momisodes and Chara Michelle my garden is in a state of confusion. My plants seem to either think that it’s late summer or early spring.

For example check out this itty bitty viola which just now decided to bloom about three months too late.

Belated Viola

Now check out my Hyacinths. These guys aren’t supposed to show up until March. They are about three months too early.

Early Hyacinth

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some rain clouds.






2 responses to “Winter? What Winter?”

  1. Chara Michele Avatar

    And I am loving the early spring/late summer photos that your garden is providing. (Even if it isn’t supposed to be that season there:) I will try to send the rain clouds your way:) (So sick of rain, ice, & snow and it is only december…)

  2. Sandy (Momisodes) Avatar

    Wow! Those are gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking to me. I’m glad you had a peek at our wintry bliss (not really). You must be having some beautiful weather over there….*sigh*. Can you please lend us some 🙂 I’d trade you for some snow, but I don’t think your Viola’s or Hyacinth would appreciate it…..

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