Forcing Bulbs Part 2


A few weeks ago I started “forcing” paperwhites using the stones method. As you can see they are growing very nicely. My next experiment is going to be forcing with Hyacinths using the water method. Stores and nurseries sell special “forcing” vases but they can be rather pricey. I found that an ordinary bulb vase for a fraction of the cost works just as well. What you need to look for is a vase that has a narrow neck that the bulb can rest in without being saturated by the water. I went to Goodwill today and found an actual forcing vase (blue one) and two glass vases (I’m excited to try the tall thin one) for less than one forcing bulb vase. I prefer glass because you can gauge the water levels better. Get your bulbs through a nursery to ensure they are healthy and ready to grow.

New Bulb Holders from Goodwill!

Steps for the Water Method

1. Prep your bulbs, Hyacinths will need a dormant period of 10-12 weeks in a cold, dark space.
2. Fill vase up with water so only the roots of the bulb get wet. If the bulb gets too wet it will rot.
3. Hyacinths and Crocus will need to be in darker room (i.e. garage, closet) until roots start to form.
4. Once roots form place in a sunny spot, change water periodically.
5. Watch them grow!


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