First Try at Garlic

Garlic  a first for me

I am trying to grow garlic for the first time this year. I bought a bag of garlic bulbs on a whim. I originally thought that you would need to plant the entire bulb but after doing some research I found that you actually plant the individual cloves of garlic. Which means I have few extra garlic bulbs. I planted about twenty cloves. Garlic takes a very long time to grow (6-9 months) so I was very surprised to see green sprouts after only a week. I wasn’t expecting such instant gardening gratification from a slow growing plant.

Garlic Facts
1. Planting garlic around rose bushes is said to repel aphids and other pests.
2. Americans consume over 250 million pounds of garlic annually
3. There are 300 different varieties of garlic
4. They are members of the onion family.
5. Gilroy,California is the Garlic Capitol and has an Annual Garlic Festival every year in July. They have everything from Garlic Fries to garlic ice cream.

Planting Garlic
1. Garlic can be planted Autumn to early Winter. Some sources say you can plant in early spring but it will result in smaller bulbs.
2. Plant the biggest, fattest cloves and sow them root end down 4-5 inches apart.
3. Give them lots of drainage and mulch.
4. Harvest when the foliage falls over approximately 6-9 months.

My garlic should be ready to harvest in August. We shall see how they turn out.






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  1. Christine Avatar

    That is awesome! When I get a garden I will totaly plant garlic for sure!!

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