Month: November 2007

Holiday Excuse Generator

Personally, I love holiday parties. But if your just not feeling up to the holiday festivities Enlighten Holiday Excuse Generator has created a humorous but effective excuse generator to get you out of the dreaded holiday parties.

I did it!

It’s the last day of NaBloPoMo and I have manged to post something for everyday this month. It was fun the last few days were the hardest because my job actually expected me to work for a change. Which limits my blogging time. I’m going […]

Bulb Project 2007 1 month

A month ago I started my first attempt at forcing bulbs. I bought Paperwhite bulbs at the local hardware store and carefully placed them in a vase of pepples and water. I then placed it on a sunny windowsill. Now a month later, it’s getting […]

Marketing to the “Weaker Sex” aka Advertising 60’s

The Daily Mail has posted some archaic ads from the 60’s and 50’s representing women as hopeless, fragile humans. There is even an ad where the husband is spanking his wife for buying the wrong coffe and there is another where they are justifying homicide […]

Babe the Blue Ox Loses His Head

If you have ever gone to the Redwood you have probably passed by the famous Klamath Paul Bunyon and Blue Ox statues. Last year we posed by these big guys on our way up to the Oregon border. I was suprised to read that poor […]

Black and White Kind of Day

It’s chilly and overcast and I just feel like playing around with my black and white photos. Here are some of my favorites. This is Neo my sister’s Lab/Golden Retriever mix. He’s a ball of energy and only slows down for the rare photo shoot. […]

Post ID: 259

Here I am gardening this weekend. I’m bringing in my more fragile plants and keeping my fingers crossed for my outdoor plants. It’s starting to get chilly out here. The days have just been overcast and cold. I wouldn’t mind it if it would just […]

Lady Beetle

I was doing some gardening when I cam across this little guy. My boyfriend was joking and telling me not to touch it that it might be some rare lethal beetle. But I was relieved to find out that these are called twice stabbed lady […]

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

Here’s a little something to get you into the Christmas spirit or Anti Christmas spirit. Office Max is having an online Elf your family . You can see our Elfin page starring myself, Simon, Jack and Maya at If the image of lights and […]

The Morning After

Yesterday was a big success. I avoided the malls and shopping frenzy and stayed home today. The best part of the day after Thanksgiving is that you can have pumpkin pie with your morning coffee. Yum. Here is a picture of last night’s dinner. We […]