Great Evening of Tri-tip and Music

Last night we drove down to Santa Rosa for a date night. By the time we got there we were starving. We drove over hills and down various neighborhood and we couldn’t find a nice plact to eat. That’s when we spotted this giant red barn on a hill advertising fine dinning.
Further up the hill attached to the Santa Rose Hilton was the Nectar. It’s beautiful place with lots of comfy designer seating. The outside patio overlooks the Santa Rose hills. We lucked out because it was Thursday barbeque night for a great price we dinned on barbequed tri-tip, asparagus and potatos. Afterwards, we went to the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts to see the Gipsy Kings.
This is definately a must see show if they come into to your town. The band are descendents of Gypsies from Southern France. The Gipsy Kings are a family of musicians – sons or cousins of great flamenco singers in the 1960s – and the group’s lead singer Nicolas Reyes is the son of the famous Jose Reyes. Their music is described as modern flameco. It’s a huge ensemble of guitars, drums, and vocals. There wasn’t a person sitting down during the last half of the show.






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