Flower Questions

A friend of mine recently asked if it was absolutely necessary to grow all plants indoors before planting them outside.

It’s not necessary but some plants are more fragile and benefit from that extra TLC the first few weeks. There are some more hardier plants that do very well just planted outside. Here are few that I have planted.

California Poppy- where I live these orange beauties just grow wild and can cover entire fields. We threw a few seeds around the garden this spring and we now have 3 little plants.

Cosmos- these plants are pretty hardy. I have grown them both inside and outdoors. They are a perrenial and will come back in the spring. A word of caution these guys are very tall so it might be best to plant these in the back of the garden.

Carnations- I have a soft spot for carnations. My dad would give them to me on my birthday. I felt like a princess as I held my multicolored bundle of carnations. I was immiediately drawn to the package of seeds when I spotted them at the store (I am a seed addict). These are a great for a first project because it only takes a few days for them to sprout.

Does anyone else have any suggestions? I am interested in hearing about other gardeners’ experiences.






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