Weekend Projects

We spent this weekend working in the garden again. We added an irrigation system to keep our poor plants healthy. While we were looking for supplies we picked up a few additions. Target didn’t have the supplies we needed however they did have a great selection of plants. They even had grape and raspberry plants on clearance for 1.50. I bought a nice healthy raspberry plant. It will be so nice to have fresh raspberries in the summer.
FLICKR 21171

Our next stop was at Home Depot where we picked up a San Pedro cactus. They have the most beautiful flowers in the summer. We also grabbed a strawberry plant and a gardenia bush.






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  1. Debbie Avatar

    Look at that drop of water in the leaves — simply gorgeous!

    Without meaning to pry, what part of the country do you live in? I’m only asking because I’d like to know where you are able to grow such beautiful plants this time of year. South, maybe? We can’t grow the majority of what you’ve planted down here.

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