Veggie Tales

I swear it’s only been a few days but my little vegetables are flourishing in their new homes.

First there is the cucumber
Cucumber from planting project

Cucumber from

Meet Rocky one of the few surviving tomato plants.

Tomatoe from

Last but not least is the herb basil
Basil from project






3 responses to “Veggie Tales”

  1. Candice Avatar

    So um yeah I am growing cucumber but I have never had success in the plant actually sustaining growth and “fruiting”. What’s the secret?

  2. nkristis Avatar

    Well, this is my first year trying to grow cucumber but my understanding is that they need lots of room to grow. We will have to check back in a few weeks to see how mine turn out.

  3. susi Avatar

    These photos of your vegetable and herb garden are candy to my eyes. Years ago when I first moved to the county, I had a vegetable garden and I loved it. I even loved weeding it; somehow it was like meditation bringing me ever closer to nature and the earth. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

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