A Losing Battle

We have two wonderful sweet dogs who understand that they shouldn’t be on the furniture. When we are at home they refrain from jumping on the couch and the comfy chairs. However, when we are away at work it is a whole other story.
Puppy eyes will get you everywhere
My dog will not jump on the furniture if the pillows are pushed down so I tried this method at our new place. However, Maya the golden retreiver thinks that I made a special comfy place just for her.
Bad Dog
Right now I am throwing blankets over the couch to avoid the dog hair and scratches from their nails. Does anyone have any ideas? Some stores sell products that make a loud noice or electrocute your dog when they jump on the couch but I think I think that is a little extreme. I could also see myself stumbling out of bed one day and electrocuting myself on accident. I am open to ideas.






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  1. Crystal Avatar

    I can tell you what worked with my dogs but it may sound funny……I use ALUMINUM FOIL…..put a sheet of foil on the seats of the couch and they will jump up there once and hate it……they hate the noise so much that they will never get up there when they see the foil!!! But of course if you take the foil off….they go right back up there!!! It worked for me and I think I saw this on the news or something like that???

  2. nkristis Avatar


    Thanks for the idea. I might give that a try. My only fear is that our fearless iron stomached golden retreiver will just find it to be a tasty snack.

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