African Violet Experiment

My grandmother’s home was always filled with African Violets. She cared so much for her little purple beauties I just assumed that they were high maintenance plants. About three years ago my sister gave me my own  little African violet plant. I scoffed when she gave it to me as I envisioned the same fate that my other plants had suffered. Even without proper watering, light, and overall care it continues to flourish and bloom every year. I was looking at its multiple purple velvety flowers and I thought I should do some research.
Healthy Violets

African Violets are ideal plants for the novice plant owners. They will grow under flourescent light and only need to be watered when the soil is dry.

I thought I would experiment and try to grow my own African Violets by cutting stems and planting them in soil. If I do this correctly roots should grow in about 3-4 weeks. It usually takes six months for new flowers to bloom.

Grandma's violets






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