A Day of hiking in Rockville Park, CA

We thought the unusually warm weather was a good excuse to get some exercise. Armed with our cameras and hiking shoes we took off to go hiking. We drove just a half hour away from home to Rockville Park.
Rockville Park, Fairfield Ca
Rockville is a 600 acre park. The park is filled with old oak trees and grassland. A thin layer of topsoil covers volcanic rock, which can be seen throughout the park in outcroppings and caves. As the soil has been washed or worn away, bare sections of rock have emerged, making some trail segments slick rock.

Camera shy geese, featured in my story on notsocrafty.com

After a quick steep climb we hiked over the hilly oak filled terrain. The hike is pretty easy with a few short steep trails. We walked along the trails with the large oak trees scattered amongst the hills. I attempted to take pictures of the geese and ducks that where vacationing on the small lake. They had other ideas and quickly moved away from me. This time of year is especially nice because it is filled with new green grass and the wildflowers are just starting to bloom.

Rockville Park, Fairfield CA






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