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I have been reading and admiring other craftier bloggers’ vegetable gardens. They grow these gorgeous huge plants and have these massive veggies. So when I was strolling through Rite Aid and saw that they were selling seed packets for 10 cents. I couldn’t resist and I bought a bunch. I bought a mix of flowers and vegetables (cosmos, zinnias, spinach, onions, tomatoes, basil, mint (for mojitos), cucumber and California poppies). My green thumbed boyfriend recommended I buy the Jiffy Professional Greenhouse. The Greenhouse is a plastic case and cover that holds peat pellets. You add water to expand the pellet, then add the seeds, and then you wait for them to grow. According to the box this kit is the same system many professionals use today. The peat pots improve root development and is great for starting seeds for flower and vegetable gardens. The clear plastic dome retains heat and moisture which is the perfect seed starting environment. I thought it would take weeks to see any growth but after three days I had some sprouts. It’s been a week and all of the plants are flourishing. I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I might have grown a few too many so hopefully I have some friends out there who will like some of my extra plants.

One week






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  1. Joy Avatar

    i just have to say again. Your pictures are fantastic! I’ve always wanted to learn gardening. I just don’t know if i’d have the patience. There is just something so amazing about helping grow something from the earth. Beautiful!

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