Passive Agressive Flowers

Sure they are beautiful but the bouquet you received for Valentine’s day may have some hidden meaning.

So watch out if you receive a bouquet of Larkspur, Yellow Chrysanthemum, and Yellow roses!

Unfavorable Flowers

~ Christmas Rose: Scandal

~ Mulberry: I shall not survive you

~ White Poppy: Sleep

~ Fig: Idleness

~ Raspberry: Remorse

~ Yellow Carnation: Disdain

~ Foxglove: Insincerity

~ Red Carnation: Alas for my poor heart

~ Yellow Chrysanthemum: Slighted Love

~ Larkspur: Infidelity

~ Red Poppy: Consolation

~ Yellow Lily: Falsehood

~ Lavender: Distrust

~ Rhododendron: Danger

~ Yellow Rose: Jealousy

~ Marigold: Grief

~ Striped Carnation: Refusal


Yellow Rose after the Rain






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