Month: November 2011

November Bloom Day

November Bloom Day

Every month May Dreams Gardens hosts Bloom day where people from around the globe post what’s blooming in their garden. The weather this fall has been amazing. Lots of chilly nights with hot cocoa or apple cider and plenty of time around the fire pit. […]

Garden Helper

Jack thought he would help me out in the garden this weekend. I made the mistake of giving a rawhide treat outside and while I was planting missed him doing some gardening of his own. Maybe he’s hoping he’ll get a good crop of treats […]

Oh Deer

Oh Deer

Fall in the Davis, Arboretum

Colorado Wild Flowers

When we visited Colorado I was struck by their amazing wildflowers. Stunning shades of yellow and orange were everywhere.

Looking Back at the Summer Harvest

It’s that time of year where I need to say good by to the summer vegetables. The majority of summer plants peaked a while a go but a few are still hanging around. The majority of them are an overgrown mess. I’m going to have […]

Happy Halloween! Past, Present and Surprise!

Happy Halloween, I hope everyone had a good time and are recovering nicely from their candy hangover. Recently, my mom has been sending me photos from my childhood.  I thought I would share some of the pictures from my early Halloweens.  While looking at these […]