Month: January 2011

  • Foggy Morning

    We have been getting a good amount of fog lately. I took these shots this morning while taking Jack for his morning walk. Pictures were taken with my iphone with the Instagram app. Does anyone know what this is? I walk by it everyday, I assume it’s some old farming equipment.

  • I Want To Go There

    The past two days I was stuck in a boring hotel for a conference. What I really wanted to do was drive up to the snow. I need to plan a trip to Tahoe soon before the snow starts to melt. It’s really just an hour away and I haven’t made it up there this…

  • Baby It’s Cold Outside

    It’s been a very cold winter for us this year. Thankfully, we aren’t buried under snow like other areas but we have been experiencing record lows. I have been faithfully checking the weather channel and when I see a chance of frost I go into plant protection mode. I scramble around the backyard covering any…