Month: May 2010

  • Zucchini!! The first of the Summer Harvest

    I was a little bummed about the garden this week. Due to the cold temperatures I had to remove the cucumber and basil plants. They really need the hotter temperatures to thrive. However, that was before I looked at my zucchini plant. I have three baby zucchinis and one whopping big one which I harvested […]

  • Carrie’s Food Less Lawn Project and Homegrown Artichoke Risotto

    I recently visited Carrie from Read Between the Limes to see first hand the incredible transformation of her front lawn. She lives on a corner lot in an older neighborhood which means she has a huge amount of front yard space to play with. The first time I saw her place she was still in […]

  • April and May CSA boxes

    I’m still receiving my CSA boxes but I’ve been spreading them out since I can grow a lot of my own produce right now. However, it’s still a treat to get farm fresh asparagus and strawberries. April’s CSA box was filled with greens. I blame the cooler the temps for the lack of the variety. […]

  • Spring Harvest

    The temperatures continue to stay at record lows and the normally hot and dry central California has been feeling more like Portland, Oregon. While this means I’m going to have to wait to enjoy my summer tomatoes and peppers there is a silver lining and that is an extended season of lettuce, peas, and spinach. […]

  • Wordless Wednesday

  • Spring Flowers in the Backyard Garden

    The backyard garden is filled with lots of new flowers. I have a mix of my old favorites such as viola, calendula, nasturtiums, and nicotiana. I’m also happy to report a few vegetables are starting to flower like my summer squash, tomatoes, and tomatillos. I especially like the tomatillo flowers which are yellow with green […]