Month: January 2010

  • January Bloom Day

    My January garden is a little short on blooms but I still have a few flowers here and there. This is my first ever bloom day post. I have been meaning to participate for a while but I always remember a little too late. Right now, I have a few raggedy violas. There are also […]

  • Calendula

    It’s pretty gray outside, but my Calendula is providing some much needed color to the garden. Typically this plant is an annual, but this one is stubbornly sticking around. Unlike the other two I planted, this one is still producing flowers.

  • Winter 2010 Garden

    It’s been unusually chilly this year. I must confess I was not prepared for such a harsh winter. I was a little overconfident in late October and I planted a few young plants and seedlings in the raised bed. A week later, we were hit with record low temperatures. My raised bed looked pathetically empty […]