Month: October 2009

  • Playing with Praying Mantis

    I became a big nerd when watching the Praying Mantis in my backyard. I had one in my mint plants and another by my Black Eyed Susans. Toward the end of summer, they appeared in large amounts in my basil plants. The Thai Basil was especially popular, it was like Vegas with constant hooks ups. […]

  • Fall’s Edible Flowers

    I realized today that some of my favorite fall flowers are also edible. I have only tried of a few of these in my food. Usually I sprinkle them into my salad as a garnish. Here are a few of my favorites. Nasturtiums: These can be sprinkled in salads. They have a slightly peppery taste […]

  • Autumn Plans

    It’s has been beautiful here the past few weeks. The temperatures have dropped and we got not one but two rain storms. This has probably been the nicest fall weather I have experienced since I moved out here ten years ago. The garden is going through it’s awkward transition phase. I had to get rid […]