Month: September 2009

Wild Life in the Suburbs

I was walking my dog this morning and I was surprised to come across this little guy just sitting in the middle of my neighbor’s lawn. It didn’t seem to mind my photo session. I even came back to grab my camera after I dropped […]

CSA Week Two

Week two of the our CSA box came at just the right time. We were having a brief lull in our tomatoes and our other vegetables were just getting started. This box consisted of several heirloom tomatoes, one honey loup, zucchinis, yellow squash, a much […]

When Life Gives You Bad Wine Make Sangria!

Over the past couple of years, I have really developed a love for wine. I was watching regular episodes of and learning about different varieties. I love a good Malbec from Spain or Argentina or a nice crisp Savignon Blanc from Washington or Australia. […]

Battling the Critters

This year my battle with the neighborhood critters escalated to full blown war. Squirrels are thankfully a mild nuisance in my garden. They might pull up some of my bulbs. But my neighbors must have much better squirrel food because I never catch them eating […]

Where Did the Summer Go?

I cannot believe it’s already September. Right now summer and fall are having a tug of war with the temperature. We will have 102 degree weather on Sunday only to have a pleasant 85 degree weather on Monday. I am sorry I have been neglecting […]