Month: May 2009

Happy Friday

Have a great weekend everyone. If your like my dog Jack, then that involves sleeping in the sun for hours and occasionally taking a break to chase butterflies and bees. If your like me you will be doing this with a cold margarita in your […]

Black Eyed Susans

I grew a few random wild flowers from seed, only to have their labels fade away. I’ve been guessing on the varieties of three different plants. I am happy to see that one of the three is this sunny Black Eyed Susan. I am still […]

Spot the Mantis

Sunday, I spotted a welcome visitor in my mint plant. I haven’t seen her since. I think the hover flies and ladybugs did too good of a job getting rid of those tasty aphids.

Mahagony Tip Top Nasturtiums

These are my new nasturtiums. The seed package had a picture of dark mahogany flowers so imagine my surprise when I find these bright orange flowers. All of the online photos are also of a deep red. I am still enjoying these orange flowers. They […]

The New Garden Villain Green Catapillars

I have a new garden enemy, ugly isn’t he? I had a few last year but this year, I am finding them in greater numbers. They have been eating the leaves of my sage, mint, bean and even my beloved tomatoes. I’ve manually looking for […]


One of the new crops I grew this year were carrots. I’ve read from other gardeners that the bland store bought carrots cannot compare to the rich taste of home grown carrots. They weren’t kidding. Home grown carrots have this beautiful rich flavor and aroma. […]

Second Week CSA

Week two had a lot more variety than the prior box. Thankfully, it did not include any mutant root vegetables. This box included the following * Cilantro *Big head of Melody Spinach *Small Bundle of Kale *Eureka lemons *Valencia oranges *Chard (my green vegetable Kryptonite) […]