Month: February 2009

  • Bolts and Blooms

    We have been getting some much needed rain over the past couple of weeks. December and January were very dry so we have been very worried about upcoming drought conditions. The garden has been reacting in some unexpected ways. The rain has caused plants to bloom and sadly others to bolt. For example my pea […]

  • Oops!

    I was reorganizing my pots and cleaning out my gardening supplies when I came across these two beauties. Apparently, these poor hyacinths had been left behind at the bottom of a pot. It’s probably way too late to be planting new bulbs. But since these are by far the sweetest smelling flowers out there, I […]

  • Sunday Tulips

  • First Bulbs

    Hello, out there. I’ve been hiding out between rainstorms and just getting started on my spring seedlings. While we have been very lucky to have a good two weeks of rain, spring looks like it’s just around the corner. This year I didn’t buy any new bulbs for financial reasons. So I just kept my […]