Month: January 2009

  • Second Chance

    I bought this Orchid for just a couple bucks at Grocery Outlet last year. The flowers and buds dropped off not long after I brought it home. However, it’s happier plant this year and practically overnight it bloomed this pretty flower.

  • Spring in January?

    Freesia It’s starting to feel and look more like spring around here. Calendula Dwarf Sugar Snap Pea Flower

  • Doing a Little Rain Dance

    While the rest of the country has been buried in snow and record low temperatures, we have been bombarded with sunshine. Which is fine until you start thinking of the future water shortage and drought conditions. The weather reports kept changing from predicting endless sunshine to a slight chance of showers. I was really thrilled […]

  • Survivor

    I thought I had killed this poor succulent last summer. I have to admit I am completely ignorant when it comes to succulents. I have a tendency to over water and love them too much. This one in particular was a challenge because I thought it would want direct sunlight. It quickly browned and faded […]

  • Happy Inauguration Day

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to watch an inauguration. I wish I could have been there on such a momentous occasion but I figured the next best thing was watching it with people I loved. We stayed home from work today and watched the entire ceremony from start to finish. While I […]

  • Happy 2009: Gardening Update

    It’s been an interesting winter. My usually successful crop of spinach has been devastated by the Davis version of Ratatouille. They have also been snacking on the occasional greens and my broccoli raab seedlings. However, they won’t touch the invincible chard. If you don’t believe me, notice the rather large holes under the fence. These […]

  • Holiday Aprons!

    My sister was gracious enough to send me a picture of the aprons I made for Christmas. The one on the far right was the first and most difficult to make. I had bought a pattern but I really couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Which is why I abandoned that pattern and moved […]