Month: September 2008

  • Thrifty Finds and a Question

    My grandmother had a crazy almost obsessive love of owls. Owls decorated almost every surface of her home. She had a whole china chest of various owl trinkets from her various travels. If you looked around the room you would spot a needlepoint pillow, a macrame pot holder and various other everyday items with owls. […]

  • Autumn Flowers

    Fall officially started on September 23rd. This is one of my favorite seasons because it’s still warm and sunny during the day and then there is a pleasant cool down in the evenings. I still get to enjoy the summer vegetables of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and cucumber. But I also can safely start my winter […]

  • Guerrilla Gardening Strikes Again

    It appears the Guerrilla Gardener has struck again. The last time he planted a big pumpkin vine in the back parking lot. No one in the office has taken credit for the work. The pumpkins have since been harvested. But recently I discovered another project of his. There are now two tall corn stalks in […]

  • Battle for the Tomatoes

    The tomatoes were finally starting to kick into full production. Heirloom tomatoes were nice and plump and I was just waiting for them to turn their beautiful red color. Only to check on them one morning and find them half eaten. Then they started to disappear altogether. Was it dog, bird, horn worm, or something […]

  • Eggplant on this Growers Challenge Update

    It’s been a busy week with work. I’m really trying to squeeze the most out of the summer vegetables while dreaming of fall weather and planting. My cucumber plant is quite prolific it has multiple baby cucumbers throughout the vine. My basil plants are doing well thanks to a slight cool down this week. The […]

  • Thrifty Finds

    On a whim we went to our local thrift store to look for a new orchid pot. To my surprise we found a new pot and two new additions for my Tiki collection. First the Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Hula Bowl it probably dates back to the 1950’s. This place has an interesting history including being […]

  • The new large Dahlia has finally opened. Unlike my dwarf Dahlias this large variety had to be staked since it was so top heavy. We are suffering through another heat wave this week. As a result I’ve become very lazy about my gardening. I have some serious weeding and prepping to do. I’m just waiting […]