Month: August 2008


Last weekend we headed out to Scott Flat Lake in Nevada County. It’s just a short drive and we were able to take out our new sail boat for one of it’s first sails. While the lake is usually filled with campers the lake itself […]

New Dahlias

I had bought this Dahlias bulb last winter at the Grocery Outlet. Like their food the plants and bulbs are cheap but have a questionable life span. This is the start of one of it’s first flowers. I just love the contrasting purple and white.

UPDATE: Lemon Cucumber

Thanks to everyone who offered advice on my lemon cucumber. I decided to pick the lemon cucumber Sunday. It was still green but it had just started to turn yellow. The little thorns brushed off with ease. We peeled it, sliced it, and put it […]

Gardeners Challenge Summer Winner’s Addition

Despite the odd fluctuating weather patterns, we have had success with the majority of our vegetables. I think I attribute a lot of our good luck to a good irrigation system, no pesticides, and the discovery of worm castings as fertilizer. We created a drip […]

A Case of the Mondays

After having a nice break we are going to get hit with another heat wave this week. Even though there is no shortage of chores to do (Dead heading, weeding, and seed starting) I just can’t get motivated. It just makes me want to take […]

Calling All Gardeners! When Do You Pick a Lemon Cucumber?

I have to admit I cheated I live by a great nursery and I bought replacement plants of oregano and additional thyme. My thyme isn’t a failure it just grows very, very slowly and I want to make sure I have enough for cooking. After […]

Gardeners Challenge the Fail Addition

It’s almost September and I am going to give an update on my progress with this year’s gardeners challenge. I am going to talk about what didn’t work and then post separately what crops have been successful. Herbs were a big disappointment this year. I […]

Thrifty Finds, Tiki Style

I’ve been on a Tiki kick for a while now. Tiki refers to the tropical style that was popular in the 1940’s and 50’s after men served in the South Pacific. Exotic drinks and tropical decor was made popular by Trader Vic’s restaurants. I think […]

I Can Haz Tomatoez

Here is Jack doing is best imitation of LOL Cats/LOL Dogs. He’s become quite the tomato thief. He has been sneakily stealing my just ripe tomatoes off the vines when I’m not looking.

Isn’t She Lovely

This Praying Mantis has taken up residence in my mint plant. It hides in the shady mint while snacking on the aphids and other bad insects. Praying mantis are beneficial insects that eat everything including each other if need be. They live for about a […]