Month: July 2008

Oops, I Got Caught Up with Work

It’s been a busy day and I almost forgot to post something. We are getting ready to drive up to Los Angeles to visit my new niece and to buy a little sail boat. In the meantime, check out my favorite roses from our garden.

Little Bouquets

I’ve been trying to bring the colors of the garden indoors. Here a mix of the little bouquets I’ve created. Bachelor Buttons and Calendula Purple Roses and Carnations: Homegrown carnations are nothing like store bought. They smell spicy like cloves. Calendula and Mums: I bought […]


Last week I avoided the garden because of the smoke and poor air quality. This weekend I found a lot of little surprises. Jalapeno: We used our first one in our homemade salsa this weekend. I’m going to need a good jalapeno popper recipe because […]