Month: July 2008

Autumn Planning

My mind is drifting toward fall where there is cooler weather and the chance to grow more seeds. I was wondering where do you people like to buy seeds and what do you like to grow during the fall months? My List So far 1. […]

Yummy Thai Fried Rice Recipe

I’ve been using the Genovese, Large-Leaf sweet and Purple Basil all summer, but last night was the first time I was able to use the Thai Basil. It’s been some what of a challenge as it was very slow to start growing and filling out. […]

Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla gardening is the act of utilizing public lots, sidewalk cracks, and public wasted space for gardening. It’s about sharing your green thumb with public by planting and maintaining neglected land. The first known case was back in 1973 in which two gardeners took over […]

Dahlia Gardening

I made the mistake last year of planting a few Dahlia plants in the full sun as the label instructed. They didn’t last very long in the intense heat of Sacramento. This year I transplanted them in the shady area by the side of the […]

Dreaming of Fall

These Mums appear to be confused, don’t they know they should blooming in the fall? The shades of orange look more appropriate for October and not in the sickly heat of July.

It’s Too Darn Hot!

Currently, it’s 108 degrees. My pale freckled face self is avoiding the heat and the sun and staying out of the garden. Instead I’m looking at cooler days to get my mind off the heat. Grab an icy beverage and kick up your feet and […]

Eggplant is a Big Tease

This lovely little flower is from my Eggplant. It’s been producing pretty purple flowers all summer long. They flash their pretty purple petals only to drop off and die a few days later. In fact this particular flower has already has fallen off the plant. […]

Best Garden Grilled Cheese

It was just the other night and I wanted to make my grilled cheese sandwich a little more gourmet. I added some fresh basil and tomatoes from the garden and viola Garden Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Give Chard a Chance

As I had previously mentioned my first experience with Chard was not a good one. It was so bitter I caught myself wiping my tongue afterwards. While I got lovely suggestions from some fellow bloggers I was still hesitant to try it again. It’s just […]

Homemade Salsa

Last Saturday, I ventured out into the backyard and found that several of plants were ready for a mini-harvest. I was able to combine my previously harvested garlic and Walla Walla Onion and combine it with my new tomatoes and jalapeno. About half of my […]