Month: June 2008

  • Camping Adventure

    We went up to Nevada City and camped at Scott Flatt Lake last weekend. It’s about an hour away from where we live and about ten degrees cooler. We able to escape that weekend’s triple digit heat but just barely. However, the hot weather was great for heating up the lake water. We spent the […]

  • Basil

    The majority of the basil I planted in late spring has bolted. I’d be sad if it it wasn’t so pretty. It also gives me an excuse to plant some more. I’m also trying to find some good Thai Basil recipes. I want to be able to use it before it bolts. I was thinking […]

  • Meet Kaitlyn

    As of Tuesday morning, I am a new aunt. Meet my beautiful niece Kaitlyn. She was born seven pounds and 19 inches. She’s my sister’s first child. This is the third time that I have become an Aunt in the past two years. I have an other sister who is due with a girl in […]

  • I Shall Return!

    I’ve been busy working out of town at various conferences. I’ll be back tomorrow for new updates.

  • Yellow Garden

    We have an abundance of yellow flowers including calendula, dahalias, roses, and of course the sunflowers. Here are the first of the Dahlias. More Sunflowers, this one popped up attached to a former red sunflower. This is the mammoth sunflower that was in the front yard.

  • Teeny Tiny Bit Of Harvest

    The tomatoes and other vegetables are taking their sweet time this year. I was able to harvest my first Green Zebra Tomato with three little cherry tomatoes. These are tricky to pick because they are green and you need to make sure they are ripe. We determined that the tomato was ready when the stripes […]

  • Sunflowers Update

    The mammoth sunflowers have bloomed. The largest and prettiest has rudely decided to face my neighbor’s yard. I’m still hoping I’ll be able to harvest the seeds once it is ready. I really like the smaller hybrid variety for their variety of colors and multiple flowers.

  • 1930’s Marriage Test

    The marriage test created by George W. Crane, MD was floating around the internet not to long ago. Here’s your chance to see how your rate. Some of the questions are pretty hilarious such as “Wears Red Nail Polish” and “Squeezes Toothpaste from the Top” (both are demerits by the way). 16 As a 1930s […]

  • Back from a Long Work Week

    I’ve been in Anaheim and staying at the only hotel without free wireless for it’s guests. My work was holding a conference for over a thousand people. Which meant long days running around in high heels and eating bad catering. But I am happy to be back at home and I am starting to spiffy […]

  • Calendula

    These pretty yellow flowers are called Calendula or Pot Marigolds. I planted them for the first time this year. What I didn’t realize is that these plants have a long and interesting history. These are an edible plant and the petals can be sprinkled on a salad or dish for some flair. They don’t have […]