Month: May 2008

  • Sunflowers

    These are my hybrid mixed color sunflowers. They are much smaller than the Mammoth sunflowers which I planted at the same time. The mammoth sunflowers are still growing but these smaller ones have been in bloom all week. Friday Tuesday Friday Tuesday This one is in my backyard and it is a darker red than […]

  • It’s Too Darn Hot! Update on Coconut Coir Vs. Jiffy Peat

    I tried a month ago I tried to grow some new seedlings. I started with six seedlings using coconut coir medium and my remaining six jiffy peat pellets. After two weeks only two of the jiffy pellets had developed seedlings while the coconut coir developed five. I did notice that the coconut was less likely […]

  • On The Road Again

    We are gearing up for a road trip to the Sasquatch Festival up at the Gorge in Washington. Along the way we will be stopping and spending the day in Portland, Oregon. Does anyone have any recommendations? Any suggestions on the must see places would be much appreciated. I’ll be bringing my camera and sharing […]

  • The First of the Tomatoes! Gardening Challenging Update

    Weather wise it’s been pretty miserable over here. Spring is officially over and it’s jumped into a major heat wave. Not only that but the triple digit weather is being paired with strong, dry wind which is terrible for people like me with allergies. My garden is the one of the few things that make […]

  • A Case of the Munchies

    We dog sat our friend’s Jack Russel Terrier this past weekend. Her favorite activities were barking at the larger dogs, chasing a bright red plastic ball, and snacking on our mint plants. I didn’t mind since it’s not dangerous for pets and the mint can always use a trim.

  • Edible Plants Update: Making Chamomile Tea

    I grew three German Chamomile plants this year. The first plant I started indoors and it has small flowers and it’s stretching along the ground and spreading out like a ground cover, the second was started outdoors and it has larger flowers and it’s growing nice and tall, the third is in a less sunny […]

  • Sunflowers

    Here are one of my sunflowers. This one in particular is working on growing it’s huge flower. This is a Mammoth sunflower and it’s expected to be over 8 feet tall with large flowers. If all goes well the flower will bloom and when it dies it will create delicious sunflower seeds.

  • Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

    Cinco De Mayo was on Monday. We celebrated with our own little celebration. We started the party with Simon’s addictive homemade guacamole along with a potent pitcher of margaritas. Our main course were these fantastic vegetarian quesadillas. It was especially nice because we were able to use spinach and scallions from our garden. Simon’s Cinco […]

  • Vegetable Garden Update: Leafy Greens

    It’s already May and the plants are really starting to take off. We have already started to enjoy the fresh spinach and lettuce and we are waiting for the others to catch up. Throughout the week I’m going to break down the garden in sections and talk about what’s working and what’s not. Greens Lettuce […]

  • Mystery Monday

    Does anyone know the name of this rose? These roses belong to my neighbors. They are huge, fragrant, and are a lovely shade of red and white. The prior owner’s weren’t the most social bunch so I never got a chance to ask them. UPDATE Thanks to Jammie and Cindee we have solved the mystery […]