Month: April 2008

New Flowers

This is the first flower on the Robert Johnson Tobacco plant. I received the seeds from the wintersown organization. I would have never thought to grow tobacco in my backyard. I am growing as an ornamental and I don’t plan on harvesting it. I was […]

Spring is Fleeting

The weather man is predicting 80 degree weather this weekend. It feels like our nice spring weather will be leaving us soon. May is just around the corner, before we know it we will have triple digit heat. In the mean time I’m going to […]

Unusual Baby Items

I currently have two pregnant sisters. One is due in June and she is having a girl and the other is due in October. This will be my third and fourth niece and nephew in less than two years. Needless to say I’m tired of […]

Thrifty Gardening

I live in a small college town where people have to move year to year. As a result our local thrift store has some great household and gardening items. I always check there first when I’m looking for new pots. I’ve really been very lucky […]

Apparently My Garden Needs More Googley Eyes

This is the best sketch from last week’s Saturday Night Live, Christopher Walken as the terrified gardener.

Growers Challenge Update

My vegetables and herbs are all planted. I’ve given away the majority of my extra tomato plants. My office is actually have a silent auction for a charity so I’m going to be donating the remainder of the plants to them. Now I’m dealing with […]

Post ID: 335

This is the very difficult to find Blue Marguerite daisy. It’s one of my boyfriend’s favorites. It has these pretty blue purple petals, it handles our hot summer weather and it blooms continuously into the fall. We didn’t realize until last year how rare it […]


This Nasturtium is from one of the extra seed packets I received from I wasn’t sure what to expect as the original label was faded. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well it’s been growing. I like the delicate leaves and tiny lines […]

My Neighbor’s Tulips

I spotted these in my neighbor’s yard and had to take a picture. I’m sure they think I’m a bit of wierdo.

Charley the Kitten

This video makes me want to go out and adopt a kitten.