Month: April 2008

  • Return of the Evil Squirrel

    I’ve been witnessing a strange phenomena every morning one of my potted plants has been dug up as if something was burrowing around the top of the plant. I suspect that this is the work of the evil squirrel and that he’s searching for new bulbs. Ironically, there is the start of a delicious new…

  • Last of The 2007 Bulb Project

    Here they are the last of the bulbs that I planted in the fall. This Dutch Iris was a little tricky. The bulbs were an impulse buy and I had them growing in a pot. It shot up something that looked like grass and it just stayed that way for months. I later realized that…

  • Freesia

    Wow, these guys took forever to bloom. I pretty much had given up on them, when at the last minute I transplanted them from their comfy pots into the ground. Now they are ready to bloom. This is my first year trying to grow Freesia. It comes in multiple colors. The first batch to bloom…

  • Spring Roses

    Our roses are starting to bloom. Here are a few photos of the recent flowers. Now if I could just get rid of all of the aphids they attract. I settled on just shooting them off with a good spray of water. But they magically return in great numbers.

  • Butterfly Garden

    I’ve been doing the dreaded “housework” of gardening which consists of weeding and spraying aphids off every plant. However, while I was weeding this guy kept visiting the flowers. Here he is on one of the sunflowers.

  • Sunflower Potential!

    My sunflowers are getting pretty tall but they still have a long way to go. A few look like they are getting started on growing a flower.

  • To Peat or Not to Peat

    I’ve been reading a lot of debates on whether or not it is ethical to use peat pellets for gardening. There is a concern that the over mining of peat is depleting the peat bogs. Unfortunately, I am finding peat pellets everywhere but it’s very difficult to find the more environmentally friendly alternatives. Until recently…

  • Nasturtium

    I keep forgetting to try these on a salad. They are still growing like crazy even after my dog knocked it out of it’s pot twice. I need to plant more of these along with more herbs.

  • Plants on Ebay?

    I just learned about this on Shelterrific. Apparently, you can buy plants on Ebay. This one is a a succulent collection consisting of a mix of twenty different cuttings. All of those colors and textures look so great together. Another reason for me to expand on my succulent collection. The current bid however is up…

  • The Many Faces of Johnny

    Here is another look at my Johnny Jump Up plant. It’s growing like crazy, it has so many tiny flowers on it and each one is slightly different than the other.