Month: March 2008

Spring Bulbs

The majority of bulbs are ready to pop. Here are a few of the early birds. I’ve got quite of few red tulips. I’m really into these red and white striped tulips. I don’t remember buying this variety but they are bigger and taller than […]

Sunflowers Project

It was 82 degrees yesterday and it’s only March. I think we are in for a long hot summer. I did manage to get some planting in this weekend. The sunflowers have outgrown their pots and are now in the ground. I planted them in […]

Lil Orphaned Christmas Cactus

I was walking to work the other day when I spotted a discarded Christmas Cactus. It was just laying there amongst the yard waste. It was a little worse for wear. I assume the individual who had owned it just threw it out when it […]

They Have Potential

I finally had a chance to pot the bare root trees from Arbor Day Foundation. Now they have no excuse not to grow and bloom and become the big trees in the catalog. Planting Bare Root Trees in Pots 1. Soak in water for at […]

Bulb Project 2008 Update

The front yard bulbs are starting to appear and open up. Initially I wasn’t going to plant any tulips in the front because of the poor drainage. Surprisingly they are the first ones to bloom. The backyard flowers aren’t quite there yet that is except […]