Month: March 2008

Making Anagrams

Here is a fun link that enables you make anagrams out of anything. Here are some of the anagrams for Notsocrafty Factory Snot Craft Snooty Farts Tycoon Cyans of Tort Here are the anagrams for my name the majority of my list had either shit […]

Sick, Sick, Sick

Last week my coworker kept randomly listing symptoms she was suffering from and then asking me if she had allergies or a cold. Well, as of Friday I can say without a doubt she had a cold and unfortunately I caught it. I spent the […]

Gardening Challenge Update

It was absolutely gorgeous this weekend. It was hot and sunny and perfect for being outdoors. I took advantage of the spring weather and caught up on some of my gardening projects. I have managed to dwindle my thirty-two tomato plants down to eight. I […]

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First days of Spring. Thursday, March 20th was the official first day of spring. It certainly looks like it out here. I even managed to get a little sunburned while doing some chores in the front yard.

Arbor Society Tree Update

Wow, it’s only been a few weeks but my dormant Redbud trees are already sprouting little itty-bitty leaves.

Never Run Out of Toilet Paper Again!

Who hasn’t had the unfortunate experience of getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night only to realize too late that you have run out of toilet paper? Apparently, someone at Instructables has found a solution to this common problem. He […]

More Spring Bulbs

Today is one of those blustery days that make it impossible to do any real gardening despite all of the sunshine. I did manage to take some pictures of the new flowers. A new Daffodil popped up just as the other started to fade. Next […]

UC Davis Botanical Conservatory

Today, turned out to be a beautiful day without a rain cloud in site. We swung by the the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory semi-annual plant sale. They had a wide variety of ornamental plants. The majority of them were either too large for our space […]

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After two weeks of unusually sunny and warm weather we are finally getting some rain. The weather man has been promising rain all week but it’s been nothing but sunny skies. Today we had a brief sprinkle of rain and I’m hoping for more tonight. […]

Spinach Wars

This year I attempted to grow three different varieties of spinach. I started Bloomsdale, Correnta, and Catalina (baby spinach) about two months ago. Bloomsdale and Correnta tied for tastiness and longevity. Baby Spinach is the clear loser it bolted after three weeks and it was […]