It’s the Great Bulb Challenge 2008 Edition

some of the bulbs

My garden is dwindling down as the weather gets cooler. Last year I planted bulbs way too late into the season. Fall is the perfect time to be planting bulbs. Ideally you should buy bulbs at reputable nurseries. However, I am on a strict budget. I am being daring and using bulbs from the Grocery Outlet. I have also spotted them on clearance at Target and at Costco. We are also using some of the surviving bulbs from the prior year.

First we cleaned out our old pots to kill any potential fungus or buggers. Then we planted a mix of our old bulbs from last year with the new bulbs. We placed them in sunny spots in the garden and in pots. We are attempting to plant a mix of different colored tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, grape hyacinth, and crocus. If you are looking for an a low maintenance spring flowers try grape hyacinth. As you can see in the photo they are already starting to pop up. They multiply like crazy and they last the longest out of all the bulbs I grew last year. I can’t wait to see which ones pop up in the spring.
Bulbs bulbs and more bulbs






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