Month: August 2007

  • Planting Project Update

    Even though the stores have aisles of fake pumpkins and fake fall leaves it looks like summer will be around for a little longer. I love fall it’s by far my favorite season. I keep hoping the summer heat will fade and then I can start some new projects. According to the weather channel we […]

  • What Flower Are You?

    I am aSnapdragon What Flower Are You? It’s been an unusually long summer and I have staying out of the heat. Which means I don’t have much gardening news to share. I’ve been looking at gardening blogs of more successful bloggers in cooler climates like Ohio, Canda, and Boston. One of the sites I have […]

  • National Left-Handers Day

    Today is a very special day it time for all Left Handers to unite and party. Today on August 13, 1992 the Left Handers Club introduced the International Left-Handers Day. It’s a day to increase awareness of left handeness. While this is the first time I’ve heard of this holiday apparently it is celebrated all […]

  • Happy Friday– Disco Inferno Style

    This was sent to me yesterday. It was so funny that I actually was laughing out loud in my cubicle. If your interested in starring in your own dancing video check out Jibjab. You too can be a dancing sensation.

  • Denise Delong Collages

    I spotted these collages from Denise Delong on Bloesem. Denise Delong is a ceramist from Brooklyn New York she has a number of beautiful ceramic pieces. But I really enjoyed the bright colors and complicated layers that where in her collages. My favorites where the cityscenes but there where also some seasonal prints. She selling […]

  • Death of the Ipod

    I was happily bopping around listening to my precious IPod yesterday when it just stopped working. I shut it down, pressed all the necessary buttons, had my boyfriend open the baby up, and attempted to charge him but with no avail. All I got was the dreaded Apple Unhappy face and then nothing at all. […]

  • What does your Starbucks order say about you?

    Here is the ultimate personality test. According to the Starbucks Oracle it is never wrong. Just type in your favorite Starbucks beverage and learn a little about yourself. Check it out and share with me your results. The Oracle of Starbucks (I found this via Neatorama)