Month: July 2007

  • Because Fish Want to be Cool Too.

    I’m not sure if yesterday’s Computer monitor turned hamster condo could be waterproofed into a fish tank (Good idea though the Fray) but I found the next best thing on Fred flare. It’s the Cubicle Fish tank. Now your goldfish can pretend to surf the internet all day at his plastic desk.

  • Reclying With Style

    How cute is this I found it on the Craft archive. Here are a couple of hamsters who are living in their owner’s old Apple monitor. Steve Jobs would be impressed. I also like how the hamster furnishings are sleek and worthy of an Apple monitor.

  • Too Many Tomatoes Part II

    The excellent Hanna came to my rescue yesterday with this great Pica De Gallo recipe. I can’t wait to try it out. Hanna’s Pica De Gallo 2 lg Tomatoes; seeded & coarsely chopped 1 To 2 serrano chile peppers;seeded & chopped 1/3 c Chopped green onions 2 tb Chopped fresh cilantro 2 tb Lime juice…

  • Too Many Tomatoes

    We are mid-way through summer and our vegetables have either died a quite death (cucumbers and peppers) or are flourishing. I have a big bowl of Roma Tomatoes and I’m not sure what to do with them. Every morning I go outside to find more shiny red tomatoes to collect. So far we have made…

  • Summer Loving

    Summer has arrivied and that means that means venturing out into the great outdoors and relaxing. Target had this inventive cooler/picnic table. It would perfect for the beach or the park. Ofcourse you can also just relax in your backyard. One of the must have items that I spotted on the internet is this uber…

  • Puppy Power!

    Look at this cute puppy that is popping up all over the internet. He was born with a perfect heart shape brown spot on his coat. (link)

  • The Hidden Meaning of Flowers Part II

    A while back I posted a brief list of flowers and their hidden meanings. Well, today I found a more indepth list to share with all of you. According to this list the Peony posted above means bashful. Who knew? Baby’s breath = Everlasting love Bachelor’s button = Celibacy, delicacy Calla lily = Magnificent beauty…