Month: May 2007

  • Because Your Never To Young to Get Political

    I had a chuckle when I saw these political onesies on Baby Politico. Their theme is that, “Your never to young to support a just cause. ”

  • Diva

    This weekend I swung by my mom’s house to wish her a Happy Mother’s day. I had intended to give her a portrait of her beloved dog Amy. Amy is an older dog she rescued from the SPCA where she works in her spare time. Despite being older and having cancer Amy is still a…

  • A Case of the “Mondays”

    I found the perfect mug for my morning coffee. What could be better on a Monday when your eyes are half open and you are greeted with a stack of paperwork. Behold the Pessimist’s Mug which I discovered on Coffee and pessimism a perfect pair.

  • Happy Mother’s Day

  • Santa Catalina Island

    I was so sad to see that Santa Catalina island is the victim of a wildfire. They have had to evacuate over 3,000 people and about 4,000 acres has been torched. Hopefully, the residents are safe and sound and people’s homes will ulitmatley be safe and sound. We visited there last summer and it was…

  • Knitting with Miss Golightly

    ” I’ve taken up knitting. I have this strange feeling that the blueprints and my knitting instructions got switched. I may be knitting a ranch house.” Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I was ten years old and was at a friends slumber party. We had just watched the Outsiders and my…

  • The Mighty Mocha

    Before I went to college I hated coffee. I hated the bitter taste, the aroma, and the addicts who drank it. That was before I got a job at a coffee shop. That’s where I was introduced to the beauty of adding chocolate, flavors, and whip cream to make a delicious addictive treat. Now ten…

  • Flickr! Favorites

    According to Flickr! this is my most popular photo. It’s a picture of one of the roses Simon gave me which I took last year.

  • Where to Put the May Flowers?

    How cute are these flower vases from the Moma store? I thought these Flex vases could make a nice arrangement. I liked the idea of these grasping bud vases but I’m not sure I would have a place for them in my home.

  • Hello Ted! (Amorphophallus titanum) “The Corpse Flower”

    When University of California Davis Botanical Conservatory announced that they had a Corpse Flower in bloom we decided to check it out. The Corpse Flower or Amorphophallus titanum is this huge plant that can get to be up to 6 feet tall. People where standing on ladders to get a closer look. Uc Davis has…