Month: May 2007

Great Evening of Tri-tip and Music

Last night we drove down to Santa Rosa for a date night. By the time we got there we were starving. We drove over hills and down various neighborhood and we couldn’t find a nice plact to eat. That’s when we spotted this giant red […]

Thrift Store Finds

I am in the process of spring cleaning and unfortunately that means letting go of my outdated collection of VHS tapes, shrunken clothing, and books I had the best intention of reading. After I dropped off four bags of various items at our Yolo County […]

National Bike Month

It’s the official Bike-to-Work Day this Friday. So get outside and ride your bike. I live in Davis, California where I am fortunate to have numerous bike trails to ride on. In fact I have a bike trail that leads me from home directly to […]


My sweetie surprised me with a bouquet of carnations. These are hopefully what my little sprouts will look like in a few months.

Dahlia, Darling

My coworker just told me that the place to see Dahlias is the Mendocino Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg California. Per their website their garden has over one hundred varieties of Dahlias. Apparently they range in size from the small and bushy which we now […]

Let’s Play

I worked the past two years as a behavior therapist working with children with physical and mental disabilities. Finding games and toys that everyone can enjoy can be especially challenging. I gave a little cheer when I found the newly redesigned Rubik’s cube on Design […]

Good Morning

Flower Questions

A friend of mine recently asked if it was absolutely necessary to grow all plants indoors before planting them outside. It’s not necessary but some plants are more fragile and benefit from that extra TLC the first few weeks. There are some more hardier plants […]

Strawberry Potential

I was so bummed and cursing my brown thumb after I found my third dead cucumber plant today. However, I cheered up immediately when I saw this . It looks like I am going to get some strawberries this summer. It’s like nature is telling […]

Lovely Dahlias

The tulips and daffodils have now faded and are starting to hibernate. Time to bring out the bright and colorful late spring flowers. We bought a few annuals such as peonies at Home Depot last weekend. However my favorite new flower is the dahlias . […]