Our roses are starting to bloom. We have a few different varieties. We have this bright peachy orange one.

Orange Bloom from
The lavendar roses are blooming like crazy. There are so many on this rose bush and they seemed to have bloomed overnight.
FLICKR 21197
The Maroon roses are just starting to bloom here is the first rose.
Maroon Roses
My only problem is that some of our rose bushes are infested with aphids. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of Aphids?






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  1. Tracey Avatar

    Thank you for stopping by my journal. Your roses are fantastic and you have beautiful pups there. For aphids I was lucky and had lots of lady bugs, but a slight biodegradable dish soap and water solution sprayed on the leafs worked well too (I did 1 teaspoon soap to 500ml water). I picked up the Peatless Pots at our local greenhouse (bradford) maybe ask your local greenhouse for them they are really enjoyable thus far.

  2. nkristis Avatar

    Thanks, we have tried that and it’s made a big difference.

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