Flower Patch

I am so proud of my little flower garden. The bulbs have been sprouting up and they are starting to flash bright color all over the garden.

My favorite flowers are tulips. They are finally blooming after I planted them in January.

The first one to bloom was this beautiful yellow tulip.

Tulip (Winner on Notsocrafty.com)

Then the red tulips began to show off. They are the brightest prettiest red I have ever seen on a flower.
Red Tulip (from Bulb Project Notsocrafty.com)

Last but not least the Hyacinth are starting to bloom. They are tiny but still a pretty shade of purple.
Hyacinths (Bulb project from Notsocrafty.com)






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  1. Debbie Avatar

    Stunning!!! Not only beautiful flowers but beautiful pictures as well.

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