Month: March 2007

  • Seymore!

    Seymore my funny looking unique tulip is finally blooming.

  • My Famous French Toast

    French toast is another recipe that I have experimented with over the years. In high school my friends and I would go to this little dinner and that’s where I first had French toast on Texas Toast. Texas toast is perfect because it’s nice and thick and doesn’t fall apart after being in the batter.…

  • Free Ben and Jerry’s April 17th

    What’s better than a big scoop of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream . . Free Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream! On April 17th all of the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream shops will be handing out unlimited scoops of ice cream. I’ll see you in line.

  • My First Attempt at Craftiness

    About a month ago I signed up for Kismet’s homemade note card swap. I have admired quite a few handmade cards that I have seen in shops and on other websites. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be. After two hours I had a pile of crumpled paper, a second pile of paper cuttings,…

  • Quote of the Day

    You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. – Jack London

  • Minature Gardens

    I spotted this on Apartment therapy they are tiny landscaped gardens. This would be perfect for an apartment dweller or someone like me who is stuck in my cubicle all day.Idyllic Table Garden’s come with 2 pots, bricks, gravel, grass seeds and cocos soil. I wonder if someone crafty to make their own version. .…

  • Addicted to Crafty Sites

    I find myself on a daily basis browsing and admiring all the talented crafters available on the web. Not only do they continue to inspire but many of them include tutorials to help others. Some of they favorites I found today was One Red Robin– she has a tutorial on how to make a soft…

  • Shake Your Thing

    I was looking through the Anthropologie website just browsing the beautiful kitchen items when I spotted these Dachshund salt and pepper shakers. They are adorable they remind me of my grandma’s dachshund, Penny. They had a variety of different shakers from the classic to Honey Bears and Penguins.

  • Pink, Pink and more Pink

    I walked home the other day and all I saw was pink. All the flowers, the trees and even the bushes in our front yard where pink.

  • Toasters

    Bread is a big staple in my life. I survived college by eating lots of toast and cold cereal. I was so excited when I received this Hello Kitty Toaster last Christmas. This is no ordinary toaster it actually imprints the image of Hello Kitty onto every beautiful piece of toast. Unfortunately, my boyfriend thinks…