What do your flowers mean?

Here is an interesting list of the top 20 flowers and what they symbolize.

hmm, I wonder Cali Lily symbolizes. It’s currently the lone flower in our yard.

  1. Rose (Love)
  2. Orchid (A Belle)
  3. Iris (My Compliments)
  4. Calla Lily (?)
  5. Sunflower (Pure thoughts)
  6. Amaryllis (Splendid beauty)
  7. Tulip (Declaration of love)
  8. Carnation (Pride and beauty)
  9. Hydrangea (Heartfelt)
  10. Bird of Paradise (Joyfulness)
  1. Chrysanthemum (Fidelity)
  2. Daffodil (Chivalry)
  3. Tiger Lily (I dare you to love me)
  4. Anthurium (Hospitality)
  5. Peony (Bashful)
  6. Lilac (Youthful innocence)
  7. Gerbera Daisy (?)
  8. Anemone (Anticipation)
  9. Aster (Patience)
  10. Stargazer Lily (?)

Cali Lily






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  1. Simon Avatar

    Looks like Cala Lilys mean ‘Spledid Beauty’ according to http://www.craftassoc.com/flowers.html . Great post and an amazing photo!

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