Month: February 2007

  • Best Invention Ever!

    Isn’t this brilliant? I found this story on neatorama. It’s a pizza vending machine. The machine makes five different pizzas in two minutes. It would make lunch so much easier.

  • A Losing Battle

    We have two wonderful sweet dogs who understand that they shouldn’t be on the furniture. When we are at home they refrain from jumping on the couch and the comfy chairs. However, when we are away at work it is a whole other story. My dog will not jump on the furniture if the pillows […]

  • Teacups that just get better and better

    Bethan Wood is a graduate student who created the perfect teacups. These teacups actually get prettier with age. The tea cups gradually create a pattern with repeated uses. The interior surface of the cup is treated so as it stains a pattern is created. She created two designs which are available on her website. The […]

  • Virtual Bouquet

    Do you want to send someone flowers but don’t have the money? Now you can email a virtual bouquet through Flowers2mail. You just click on the flowers, select a vase and color and they will be delivered to your sweetie’s email account. Since you select and arrange the flowers it’s far more personal than ordinary […]

  • Baby bulbs

    Spring is in the air and my bulbs are starting to peek out of the dirt. I am pretty sure that these are tulips. I also planted crocus which looked gorgeous on the package.

  • One, Two, Three, Oh No the Floor

    Do you love the taste of a Cosmopolitan but hate how either you or one of your girlfriends eventually spill and stain your shirt, the chair, and the floor. Now there is a stain free version of the popular girls’ night out drink. White Cosmo Serves 2 1 cup of White cranberry juice 4 ounces of Vodka 2 ounces […]

  • Another Great Reason to Shop at Thrift Stores

    I love to cruise the local thrift stores for books and other oddities. I always find great kids books which I have started to collect and share with my siblings and friends. Ofcourse my all time favorite item was the genuine 1970’s disco wrapping paper bought at the bargain price of fifty cents. I thought […]

  • Forest of Hyacinth

    My friend Amy told me the other day that she thought my picture of Hyacinth looked like a forest. She also thought that the plants would be even better with some little figurines. I’m a little short on figurines but I did find an old Wonder Woman toy. She looks very comfy in her Hyacinth […]

  • Chinese New Year, Year of the Pig

    February 18, 2007 was the first day of the Chinese New Year. In honor of the holiday I am posting the Origami how to for this years symbol the pig.

  • African Violet Experiment

    My grandmother’s home was always filled with African Violets. She cared so much for her little purple beauties I just assumed that they were high maintenance plants. About three years ago my sister gave me my own  little African violet plant. I scoffed when she gave it to me as I envisioned the same fate […]